MB020, A 68020-based Motherboard


MB020 is a 4“x4” 68020-based motherboard with 3 RC2014 expansion slots. It allows RC2014 users to reuse their existing hardware to explore the 68020 processor.



  • MC68020
  • 4/16 meg 72-pin SIMM DRAM
  • 66.67Hz (14.7456MHz clock) level 1 autovector interrupt
  • Three RC2014 expansion slots


MB020 consists of a 4“x4” motherboard populated with 68020, EPM7128S, SIMM72 socket and 3 RC2014 expansion slots. The purpose is to reuse the existing RC2014 boards to explore MC68020. To that end, the boot ROM, I/O, mass storage will be the existing RC2014 boards. A 68020 monitor will be developed for the boot ROM so it can load files, display & modify memory and registers, and run applications. The I/O can be RC2014 SIO2 or 68B50 boards and a RC2014 CF board can be added to run CP/M68K.

Design Info


Gerber photoplots

Bill of Materials

CPLD design files

Memory map

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